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Heaven 03:13
heaven only knows you love so bad someones gotta break your heart to break you in so i bought stole and fought seems like nothings gonna break your heart or win your heart i loved you so hard upon hot asphalt i was lain to waste left out in the rain and the sun was the first one out in the rain heaven only knows what i'd do to save all the things that you kill you throw it all away just for fun i couldn't save the things that you killed
Sylvia 02:58
i'm all alone in my room wondering days go by nights go by not slumbering o why must i feel so alone sylvia, you take too many pills oh you and me we could make fun together yeah you and me we could make fun together but sylvia oh you and me we could have made fun together yeah you and me we could have made some fun together but sylvia you take too many pills
i was working at this vegan deli when you came looking for meat i said "you're not the kind of girl who should waste your time on meat" you've got no time for mother's news when you're at the coffee shop you're busy looking at the market and logging on a hot spot but when i told you that i loved you you told me you cared it was a dream i was having walking down the street i wish you had some kind of ethics the same kind of ethics as me we'd be living standard and poor and saying "fuck the patriarchy" oh fuck the patriarchy ms. new york stock exchange
Memory Boy 03:15
i'm gonna put you in a bath of acid andy boy i'm gonna put you in a bath of acid memory boy o frank o'hara be nice to andy he went to college not to night school o andy forget about frank forget about it the new york school when you find yourself in rows your genius comes and goes and when you find yourself in rows it really tends to go now who's gonna put you in a bath of acid memory boy? you've got no friends in the new york school andy boy but nobody saw him walking down the beach take down your psychedelic prince and hang 'em around the town you've been hanging around the town too long since you've been down
Sriracha 02:15
getting my fill every god damn day i want to have you every god damn way sriracha when everything is dumb and i wanna go home i open up the fridge you're like the god damn sun sriracha you'll never burn out or fade away i wanna have you every god damn day sriracha
Pepsi Queen 03:10
here she comes my little pepsi queen she's got no need for naps she's speeding all the time she spits on coca cola she spits on royal crown she's a little royalty here she comes little pepsi queen she lives on oxycodone she lives on broken robs she's got giant little fists i don't know why
Nitro Apollo 03:33
i'm saving up my money for a brand new system i'm saving up my money for a dark night when i'm alone now i'm a alone now i've got your cd in my room it's like a first date i've got a brand new system just like a prayer just like i'm kissin audio audio digital audio your voice in pcm sound just can't be i can't believe it's just audio audio digital audio i'll save up my money for soundblaster 16 i want soundblaster 16
i want a playmate a playboy playmate who would challenge and inspire society she'll change the world with her acting and her writing and he playboy centerfold modeling i really really really really really wanna be i want to be in america with a socially conscious feminist vegan playboy playmate i want a playmate a playboy playmate who would challenge and inspire society she wants a man with passion and intelligence i'm a man with passion and intelligence
we walked with our food stamps to the mini mart we sold all our movie to make the rent i was happy so happy well they call you and you are the terminator of hearts cruelty o cruelty took you away once you loved me but you don't love me why was i so cruel to you maybe i was wise i was wise to you a broken heart's right twice a day and a broken heart can tell time well they call you and you are the terminator of hearts
Big Whoop 04:53
everything i do i do it for myself whoop-de-do every cent you earn i take a little piece i build a school a bridge or a road everything i see i see it for myself closed circuit tv you can cheat on me but i'm gonna get ya nothing's free i'm the tax man


PIXELS is a proper HI-FI collection of old favourites from our first three LO-FI records &&& new classics - Heaven, Big Whoop, &&& SRIRACHA!

This HI-FI collection, PIXELS, was recorded at EYELAND, a beautiful analog recording studio in Providence, Rhode Island - featuring TWO-INCH TAPE (::swoon::) and a beautiful vintage TRIDENT CONSOLE. The multitrack tape recordings were carefully digitized track by track to be completed mixed at Studio subModern, the bands personal studio. Two additional songs were recorded at subModern on a lovely TASCAM 388.


HEY L@@K ===> Purchasing the album through bandcamp gets you an EXCLUSIVE BONUS TRACK, "Grunge Heaven," a fuzzified in-yr-face version of the opening tune.


This album is dedicated to Julius, our beloved studio cat, b-man, and the Talking Heads, who, between you and me, are still the best band to come out of Rhode Island.

Thank you to: benny & jeff & the columbus co-op, teegan, lauren, phoebe, gymshorts, hot tramps, dusty, david, alex, polina, the brother mccurdy, ethan, neil, dylan and all of you xoxo.


released December 18, 2016

lawrence stumpf: guitar, vocal & keyboard
althea shaheen: tambourine & keyboard
andy davis: vocal, guitar & piano
izzie dungan: bass, vocal & guitar
chris faulkner: drums & percussion


all rights reserved



pixels Providence, Rhode Island

pixel (n.)
1969, coined to describe the photographic elements of a television image, from pix + first syllable of element.

An American rock group based in Providence, RI - active between 2012 and 2018.

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